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Team Edition

Only for businesses or teams with less than 50 employees

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    Billed annually
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Silver Business Edition

For leading businesses and teams

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Gold Business Edition

For businesses with top HR goals.

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Enterprise Edition

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Price Features

Team Edition
Silver Business Edition
Gold Business Edition
Enterprise Edition
The question form
400 specialized HR questions in 9 categories
Possible for users to change language: English, Spanish, Icelandic, Polish
Write new questions/set in your own questions
Write new open questions/add in your own questions
Delivery options
Emails sent automatically and reminders
Link to use on Facebook
Integrates with Workplace
Response information
Automatic daily response information to all managers
Analysis and reporting
Real-time results and reports generated automatically
Reports in English, Icelandic
Total overview of the company
Open-ended question summary
Manager level vs employee level
Compare management level: top, middle and front-line
Executive summary to see each division, department and group
Executive top down summary to see each division, department and group
History for the company as a whole
History for each division, department and group
Historical running average for the company’s last four months
Historical running average for each division, department and group last four months
Reports for each division, department and group
Printing and download
Download PDF reports

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to measure monthly?

Most of our customers measure monthly (70%), part of our customers measure every other month (20%) and part every third month (10%).

What are the minimum and maximum number of employees?

HR Monitor is build up for companies from 25 to 1.500 employees. But can be used for workplaces from 5 and up to 15.000.

What is the average answer rate?

Where almost every employee has access to a computer at work the answer rate is up to 80-90+%. Where the majority of employees have no access to a computer at work the answer rate is from 50-70%.

What is the minimum size of a workgroup to be measured?

Each human resource manager needs to set up his/her business and decide whether to measures the company only as a total or to divide it into divisions, departments and even groups/offices. The smallest number of potential respondents in each group is three.